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? do we clear clee understand for the money that we spend on it in the city are we achieving what we want to achieve? for that money should you be on the old email system or a new one? i think one the challenges is how much are we spending all the time are we making wise investments and getting our money out of spend something and when we compare to other cities and we are spending about -- a little less than other bigger cities and do than per capita, per person, per population, per employee our numbers are slightly lower on the scale, but are we getting the money's worth? i think that is the frustration and it's a lot of money and some departments are on old systems and others are on new and the equity. >> i agree with the comments. my question is not how much we spend. i think it spending is worth the investment, but is it are we getting our money's worth? and to your example though how much different email systems are we're running here? is centralized the better way? that is revamping but that question needs to be asked and what i am wondering what are the bigger obstacles
. crystals in particular as well as atomic new clee i and the process is the way properties are established for light is of a universal nature. the simplest form in nature is mechanic nature and changes in parts and space and narrow and sense often meaning classical mechanics and dealing with motion macroscopic bodies traveling at great times of light and free space . the laws of motions and bodies post of light and free space are relative mechanics, quantum mechanics". evidence confrontation. imperialism and followers and national and sovereign survival contest continuum. revolution, revolutions to end capital currency and for public ownership of means of production, cooperative collective community. to think this matter in labor classical mechanics, quantum mechanics, dialect tal materialism. >> next speaker. >> you know joseph spoke with pharaoh and told him the dream is one. god showed pharaoh what he's about to do. the seven cows or seven years and the seven ears and he doubled it because it was surely going to happen, and it did happen, and hopefully they can read this. okay
. never take life too seriously, laugh often, speak your mind unpoll jet clee and vote. that's from brooke villarreal, a daughter of dickie sykes. and appreciate the time you have with people you love. no matter how much something hurts, you can survive. this one, folks, is from donna douglas. she gave us this picture with her husband, michael douglas, who was an army sergeant in ' '70s. their oldest son was killed in the iraq war in 2008. a couple more. you can always find the good in someone or something. that's from michael vaf nau. they are both serving right now. and finally, don't waste time worrying from kim mcconnell, wife of jonathan mcconnell who served in the iraq war. we'll have more in the next hour. it's become a nice and beautiful discussion people are having online and on ireport about what they have learned if they wouldn't have otherwise known so deeply from the people who made the sacrifice. >> so often people keep those thoughts to themselves or they are sharing that with just the immediate family or friends and this is a great forum in which they can share with so many
abroad. and i think that's why you have seen former chrysler clee icoca indors mitt romney. we need somebody to work with all sides to bring them together with the single focus of getting this economy back on track. david, i've not seen the ad. i just heard it now. i've not seen the ad. apparently they are not running it in virginia. so i've not seen the ad. but i do think the point is mitt romney has demonstrated the ability of building jobs, of making it so that we can have more investment, more economic activity, in america. he has a demonstrated track record and has provided an actual plan, whereas all you're getting from the president in these closing days of his campaign is more negativity, more attacks, and i just think that, again, americans are looking to see how they can make their lives work again. barack obama is not providing any answers, and if you like the way things are now with nearly 8% unemployment, that's what you're going to get if you re-elect the president. >> majority leader cantor, thank you very much. >> thank you. >>> let's turn back to our political round
into the details. how is that leadership coming from a man who repeatedly hypocrite clee slams the white house? >> the president doesn't need a victory lap. it needs leadership. >> the country needs leadership? then why don't you show some? why don't you outline solutions instead of just asking for them? there's a disconnect all right. one that senator harry reid summed up best today. >> speaker boehner made very clear at his press conference that he thinks the ball is in your court. where's the disconnection? >> i don't understand his brain so you should ask him. >> i don't understand his brain either but he needs to get in the game for the good of the country. joining me now is chris van hollen, democrat from maryland. he was in the democratic leadership meeting with secretary geithner this meeting. congressman, thank you for your time tonight. >> reverend, good to be with you. >> congressman, you were in the meeting on the hill today. the white house wants $1.6 trillion in tax increase, 50 billion in economic stimulus and new power for the president to raise the debt limit without congressi
in hopes of landing their way to the top 12. i got to start watching again. >> clee ee chloe did a decent job. >> at this point you need a host. they helped it along. >> okay. good. still ahead this morning, the fox medical team tells us why location is key when it comes to getting lifesaving cpr. the results of a new study might shock you. >> holley is spending the morning in leesburg. >> reporter: we are live in leesburg. the green tree is playing right now. one of many groups that will be playing tomorrow night because it is first friday. it's a tradition here in leesburg that brings out everybody. coming up, two restaurants that will show us what they are cooking up. we're going to show you why you don't want to miss it. stay with us. anncr: which do you believe? what mitt romney's tv ads say about women? or what mitt romney himself says? mitt romney: do i believe the supreme court... should overturn roe v. wade? yes. and it would be my preference that they, that they... reverse roe v. wade. hopefully reverse roe v. wade. overturn roe v. wade. planned parenthood, we're going to get
and it is slowing the ride down. this may start to mthis has been clee road shoulder. >>it does not show you how cold it is. >>might joins us to take a look at how people are dealing with the cold weather. >>this is a copy sho and this cp excess a hot spot this morning. the rain has stopped and the sun has, and it looks like a nice morning so far. you may have heard rain that hit overnight and this has left us with a cool damp morning. people are wearing jackets and sweatshirt's is to get their morning started. some of their stated that the warm weather had in this some point. >>it is the middle of november what do you expect their elected new york that is cold. >> am warm i'm walking down the street drinking my coffee. >>one of the most obvious signs of winter is no and there are some chances for getting snow elevations. this means that mt. diablo may see a dusting of snow. what does it this will take place and if you are still of the house this morning you probably need to grab a jacket because is it a lot cooler. >>on the sign of the economic times their hundreds of bay area families that hav
Search Results 0 to 19 of about 20 (some duplicates have been removed)